About Karl Monaghan

Capturing the stunning beauty of the Mid West and Beyond

Hi, I'm Karl Monaghan


GERALDTON, WA. (23.9.21) Karl Monaghan has photographed some of the most impressive and stunning sights our local Mid West region has to offer and he is recognised as one of Western Australia’s leading landscape photographers of the Mid West.

Monaghan focuses on the natural environment, his love of the Mid West and specifically the extraordinary and beautiful Abrolhos Islands, in an apparent unending search to execute the perfect showstopper landscape photograph.




Monaghan latest exhibition ‘Above + Beyond’ opens 1st October and showcases a brand new collection of aerial and landscape photographs of the Mid West. The Best of the Abrolhos Islands and Pink Lake, Western Australia are captured in vivid colours and stunning beauty, like you have never seen them before, not to be missed, on until the 30th October at his Fine art Photography Gallery, 76 Chapman Rd, Geraldton.

Geraldton based, he began his career in London as a street photographer capturing the essence of urban London in the 70’s and early 80’s.

Closer to home, Monaghan captures the region in its rawness and natural beauty, from the air and from the ground offering a new perspective on the amazing place we live. His dedication has covered over a decade and many, many miles of land and sea.

To better understand his stunning pictures you need to realise his passion.

“I’m an adventurer with a camera, capturing images allows me the freedom to explore and experience the landscape.” Karl Monaghan.

“I want my photographs to evoke an emotion in people and share with them the natural environment, its extraordinary beauty and vastness.” Karl Monaghan.

Winning major prizes in the Mid West Art Awards, he has also received numerous awards with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography awards and honours including the title of “Master of Photography.” His work has been in publications such as LaCad Magazine, Grain Business, and he has worked for clients that include Rio Tinto, Refine Energy, Lawson Grains but to name a few.

However you don’t have to head overseas to get a better look at his imagery. Monaghan has his own dedicated fine art photography Gallery in Geraldton, Western Australia. The Gallery showcases and offers his incredible photography direct to collectors.

Monaghan’s photography is both intimate and expansive, revealing landscapes in vivid colours and stunning beauty, like you have never seen before.