Abstract Tomato Sheds

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Abstract Tomato Sheds

 Discover an uncommon dance between the industrial and the abstract with “Abstract Tomato Sheds.” Karl Monaghan, a master of Fine Art Photography, beckons you into a world where the ordinary metamorphoses into the extraordinary. Through the lens of abstraction, what appears as mere construction unveils layers of geometric artistry and symmetric perfection. This unique piece from Monaghan’s coveted Abstracts Collection encapsulates the rare confluence of raw industry and the beauty that Fine Art Abstracts bring to life.

The concept of commercial sheds for tomatoes might appear utilitarian at first. Still, the history of commercial agriculture, especially in regions known for their fertile terrains, speaks volumes. Such sheds, pivotal in safeguarding the yield, have seen evolutions in their construction, balancing functionality with environmental factors. Their designs reflect the changing dynamics of agriculture and industry, patterns of symmetry speaking to mankind’s continuous innovation.

 Printing Materials

 Behind the magic of Karl Monaghan’s Fine Art Paper Prints lies a story of intricate craftsmanship, all beautifully rendered on a 320 gsm Cotton rag paper. The Canson Edition Etching Rag’s legacy, enriched by the touch of Arches paper maestros, ensures this photograph’s every shade speaks its truth. As we navigate Australia’s diverse terrains, our pledge remains unwavering – only the pinnacle of materials, echoing the rich tapestry of our landscapes.

For those with discerning tastes and an appetite for depth, we proudly showcase Karl Monaghan’s Canvas Prints. Bathed in the rich hues of Epson Ultra Chrome Inks and detailed on the ever-resilient Ilford Cotton blend Galicia Canvas, these masterpieces are a confluence of art and endurance. Each canvas is a vivid page from Australia’s vast diary, narrating tales of lands, skies, and the spaces between.

 Available in the following sizes and formats;

Fine Art Paper Prints

XS – 30cm on Longest edge

S- 40cm on Longest edge

M – 60cm on Longest edge

L – 90cm on Longest edge

Canvas Prints

XXS – 30cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

XS – 40cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

S – 60cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

M -90cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

While the rawness of a construction site might not always seem poetic, Karl Monaghan’s “Abstract Tomato Sheds” unravels a story otherwise hidden. A moment frozen, a memory etched, this Photographic Wall Art is a silent invitation to explore, ponder, and engage with the dance of abstraction. Here’s an opportunity, rare and compelling, to welcome a slice of industrial charm seamlessly blended with art into your space. Embrace the tale, for it’s not just a photograph; it’s a visual experience waiting to unfold.

If your print risks potential exposure to UV light, UV protection can be added at a standard rate of $50 regardless of size ordered. *Only applies to Canvas Print options.

Shipping and Handling

All Karl Monaghan Fine Art Prints come with a certificate of authenticity. All items will be shipped using Australia Post, in standard tubes up to a maximum of 110cm long. Freight will be a standard fee of $35.00 which includes packing and sending.

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