Heads Up! Karl Monaghan Award-Winning Fine Art Photography Original

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Heads Up! Karl Monaghan Award-Winning Fine Art Photography Original

In the realm of award-winning photography, “Head’s Up!” by Karl Monaghan stands as a testament to the multifaceted beauty of art photography. This illustrious fine art photography print forms part of Karl Monaghan’s esteemed Prestige Collection and beckons the viewer to venture into a rich narrative set within the industrial confines of an abandoned abattoir.

Winner of the coveted Mid West Award 2015, “Head’s Up!” is a study in form and a playful take on industrial lines and circles. The judges praised it as a “sophisticated and technically proficient print,” and with its subtle colour palette and evocative imagery, it undoubtedly captures the intriguing spirit of fine art photographic wall art.

This image carries profound social and political connotations. It brings to light the harrowing transition of the mid west’s meatpacking industry, a significant employer in the 70s and 80s, which was subsequently disrupted by changing shipping and international export policies in Europe. The stark representation of “Willy”, a former foreman at the site, powerfully mirrors the societal struggle of adapting to rapid change.

Karl Monaghan, an internationally renowned landscape photographer, cleverly uses this image to illustrate the dichotomy of social evolution – the tension between past and present, the interplay of human lives with industrial change. His intricate knowledge of the site and its history, captured in this image, offers an intimate exploration of the past.

Printing and Framing

Experience the meticulous artistry that goes into creating Karl Monaghan Fine Art Paper Prints, each carefully crafted on pure Cotton rag paper. Our collection proudly features the revered Canson Edition Etching Rag—a historically significant art paper, produced by the esteemed Arches paper manufacturers. With our commitment to using only the finest materials, we ensure that each photograph maintains its vivid, true-to-life colours. This particular piece, featuring a stunning one of a kind print has a longevity rating that exceeds a century, promising to evolve into an ageless keepsake over time. This original print measuring 900 x 56 cm, has been printed on Edition Etching Rag paper, framed with double mounts, and within an antique Ebony frame glazed with Tru Vue Ultra Vue Glass 74% UV protected and anti-glare.

Mid West Art Prize 2015

“Head’s Up!” not only secured Karl Monaghan’s position as a celebrated fine art photographer, but also won him the Mid West Award 2015. This annual event encourages and recognises outstanding artistic talent. His winning entry, a compelling portrayal of industrial decay and human resilience, offers a unique snapshot of a transformative time in the mid west’s economic history.

“Head’s Up!” is a piece of history, a mirror to a past era, and a window to an evolving narrative. As a collector, you will not only own a unique piece of Karl Monaghan’s Prestige Collection, but you’ll also hold a tangible, enduring connection to a vital chapter of socio-industrial history. The purchase of this one-of-a-kind print comes with a certificate of authenticity, a copy of the Mid West Awards Catalogue Book, and the original Award Certificate – a collector’s package that truly enriches the experience of owning and appreciating this remarkable piece of fine art. Secure this one-time-only print, and own a part of history that will never be printed again. The enchanting world of fine art photography is just a click away.

Shipping and Handling

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