Limited Edition 1/50 Wildflower Collage by Karl Monaghan

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Limited Edition 1/50 Wildflower Collage by Karl Monaghan

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Western Australia’s wildflower season, captured impeccably in Karl Monaghan’s “Wildflower Collage.” As part of Karl Monaghan’s Prestige Collection, this piece exemplifies award-winning photography at its finest. Born from the genius of one of the top Australian landscape photographers, this collage showcases the enchanting world of Australian wildflowers, blending the vibrancy of nature with art photography.

A Glimpse into Australia’s Floral Wonders

Delve deep into the heart of Australia with each featured wildflower. The Cowslip Orchids, with their bright yellow flowers, often dance in the breezy Australian fields. A showcase of some of the many native wildflowers of Western Australia, this piece is one of a kind. The rare Spider Orchid, a treasured gem, displays an unparalleled delicate beauty. Queen of Sheep, a captivating sight, has deep cultural and historical significance in local legends. Brachyscome splashes colour across fields while the Burchardia Umbellata wax flower stands out with its pristine white petals. The Native Willow whispers tales of Australia’s rich ecosystems, and the Blue Squill brightens up landscapes. Chorizema, with its bright orange flowers, and Gastrolobium, with its vibrant hues, enchant nature lovers. Flag Purple’s majestic stance, Everlasting’s timeless charm, Pultenaea’s dainty beauty, and the Donkey Ears’ unique silhouette make this collage a celebration of nature’s artistry.

Printing Materials

Experience the meticulous artistry that goes into creating Karl Monaghan Fine Art Paper Prints, each carefully crafted on pure Cotton rag paper. Our collection proudly features the revered Canson Edition Etching Rag—a historically significant art paper, produced by the esteemed Arches paper manufacturers. With our commitment to using only the finest materials, we ensure that each photograph maintains its vivid, true-to-life colours. This particular piece, featuring a stunning one of a kind print, has a longevity rating that exceeds a century, promising to evolve into an ageless keepsake over time.

This incredible Limited Edition Fine Art Print on Edition Rag Signature Paper comes series numbered, as a 40cm x 40cm image face with a 5cm white border. The image comes numbered and signed with Certificate of Authenticity. The Limited Edition print is also available as a Canvas and stretched Canvas option for bolder presentations. Both Canvas and Fine Art Prints are posted rolled in tubing ready to be framed or mounted to your taste.

This item is also available as a Fine Art Print ready-framed by Karl Monaghan Photography and Framing in Geraldton. It is available for collection in-store to anyone eager for a ready-to hang Limited Edition item.

Shipping and Handling

All Karl Monaghan Fine Art Prints come with a certificate of authenticity. All items will be shipped using Australia Post, in standard tubes up to a maximum of 110cm long. To celebrate Wildflower Season in Western Australia these Limited Edition Fine Art Prints include Free Postage and Handling.

Secure Your Masterpiece

Embrace this unique opportunity to possess a piece of Australian photography that resonates with nature’s splendour. This isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in the world of fine art photography. By adding “Wildflower Collage” to your collection, you’re not only celebrating the incredible talent of landscape photographer Karl Monaghan but also the unparalleled beauty of Australia’s natural landscapes. Reserve your limited edition piece today, and let your space glow with the charm and elegance of Australian wildflowers.

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