Southgate Sand Dunes – by Karl Monaghan

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Southgate Sand Dunes – by Karl Monaghan

 Journey through the undulating waves of golden sands, gracefully crafted by time and the whispering winds. “Southgate Sand Dunes” shows nature’s eternal artistry, a dance of dunes and drop-offs that cascade dramatically into the vast embrace of the Indian Ocean. Karl Monaghan, the illustrious international landscape photographer, invites you into this awe-inspiring panorama, where the elements of art photography and landscape photography coalesce into an enchanting visual symphony. This piece is a gleaming gem in the treasure chest of Australian Coastline Photography, drawing a mesmerizing line between the ethereal beauty of beach photography and the vivid expanse of photographic wall art.

Favored as a local recreational spot, these dunes have witnessed countless adventures, from the thrill of dune surfing to the tranquil contemplation of razor-back drop-offs that usher you into the enigmatic depths of the Indian Ocean. Beyond recreation, these dunes stand as timeless sentinels, narrating tales of the wind, water, and wanderers, and the myriad moments that have sculpted their unique contours.

 Printing Materials

 Discover the unmatched craftsmanship of our Karl Monaghan Fine Art Paper Prints, brilliantly produced on 320 gsm superior Cotton rag paper. Delve into the heritage of the Canson Edition Etching Rag — an illustrious art paper with deep roots, envisioned by the esteemed Arches paper designers. We pledge dedication to only the finest materials, ensuring each detail and hue in this photograph emanates authentic depth. Plus, with a lifespan extending beyond a hundred years, this Australian landscape photograph stands as a lasting tribute to mastery.

For those in pursuit of a grand visual experience, we introduce the Karl Monaghan Canvas Prints. These enchanting photographic masterpieces are delicately rendered on the age-resistant Ilford Cotton blend Galicia Canvas and heightened by the enduring Epson Ultra Chrome Inks. Designed to endure over a century, even in regular lighting, these expansive canvas artworks effortlessly enrich any setting with their inherent charm. Get ready to enchant art aficionados and create a lasting mark with these unique Australian Canvas Prints.

Available in the following sizes and formats;

Fine Art Paper Prints

S – 30cm on Longest edge

M – 40cm on the long edge

L – 60cm on Longest edge

XL – 100 cm on Longest Edge

Rectangle Canvas Prints

XS – 60cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

S – 100cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

M – 140cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

If your print risks potential exposure to UV light, UV protection can be added at a standard rate of $50 regardless of size ordered. *Only applies to Canvas Print options.

“Southgate Sand Dunes” is a ticket to a realm of tranquility and inspiration. Enrich your space with the magic of Southgate, and every glance will transport you to those golden dunes, evoking feelings of wanderlust and serenity. With Karl Monaghan’s exquisite vision captured in this frame, you are not just purchasing a piece of art, but an experience, a journey. Embrace this odyssey today; let the sands of Southgate be your daily muse.

Shipping and Handling

All Karl Monaghan Fine Art Prints come with a certificate of authenticity. All items will be shipped using Australia Post, in standard tubes up to a maximum of 110cm long. Freight will be a standard fee of $49.95 which includes packing and sending.

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