The Buttress Barn – Limited Edition Fine Art Print by Karl Monaghan

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The Buttress Barn – Limited Edition Fine Art Print by Karl Monaghan

Dive into the pages of history with Karl Monaghan’s “The Buttress Barn” – a centrepiece of his Prestige Collection. Known for capturing the soul of landscapes and structures with meticulous detail, Karl’s lens brings forth the resilience and architectural magnificence of this two-story stone barn, an emblem of Australian photography.

The story behind “The Buttress Barn” isn’t merely about bricks and mortar; it’s a testament to multi-functional architecture and the evolving role structures play within communities. The barn’s first floor once bore witness to the fervent scribbles of young minds when it served as a schoolroom, its walls echoing with lessons and laughter. On the other hand, the adjacent space resonated with the rugged rhythms of farm life. Over time, the strength of the barn was put to the test, not only by the relentless wear of time but also by nature’s fury. The buttressed corners, a distinguished feature, were added in the 1930s, addressing the barn’s structural cracks. Early photographs reveal the barn in its nascent form, sans these iconic buttresses. A testament to the building’s resilience, it stood strong until Cyclone Seroja etched its mark, further challenging its legacy.

Printing Materials

Delve into the intricate craftsmanship behind each Karl Monaghan Fine Art Paper Print, meticulously fashioned on premium Cotton rag paper. Our collection boasts the distinguished Canson Edition Etching Rag— a legacy art paper, crafted by the renowned Arches paper artisans. By steadfastly selecting only the finest materials, we ensure each image radiates its most vibrant, lifelike hues. This unique print not only stands out for its unparalleled beauty but also carries a durability that will last well over a century, poised to become a timeless heirloom. This exclusive Limited Edition Fine Art Print on Canson Platine Fibre Rag is surrounded by a pristine 5cm white border and is available in 3 sizes. Large 100cm x 60cm, Medium 60cm x 23 cm and Small 30cm x 18cm. Each piece is numbered, signed, and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

A Portrait of Persistence and Beauty

When it comes to landscape photography, Karl Monaghan is a master of his craft. This Limited Edition Fine Art Print stands as a testament to his expertise in capturing Australian landscape photography, each shot imbued with history, emotion, and raw beauty. The sturdy stone walls of “The Buttress Barn”, highlighted by the contrast of the 9″ Oregon timber planks and the architectural prowess of the stone buttressed corners, tell tales of yesteryears and the ever-evolving relationship between man, nature, and architecture. Such beautiful landscape photography offers not just a visual treat but also narrates tales of resilience, history, and transformation.

Owning “The Buttress Barn” is more than just an acquisition; it’s an investment in a story, an emotion, and the unparalleled expertise of one of the leading Australian landscape photographers. Each glance will transport you to a different era, reminding you of the strength and beauty that emerges from challenges.

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