The Cliffs of Shark Bay

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The Cliffs of Shark Bay

Witness the raw power and primal beauty of the Australian continent through the lens of renowned international landscape photographer, Karl Monaghan. His captivating piece, “The Cliffs of Shark Bay,” masterfully captures the stunning contrast of the vibrant red dirt cliffs against the tranquil azure waters of Shark Bay. An embodiment of both art photography and landscape photography, this print invites viewers into the untamed heart of Western Australia, offering a glimpse into its rich and complex natural history.

The cliffs of Shark Bay are more than a dramatic backdrop; they are the guardians of the bay and form a uniquely West Australian colour palette of greens and oranges. This Mid West photography print encapsulates the spirit of the rugged Australian landscape, a testament to the region’s stark beauty and diverse ecology.

Situated at the most westerly point of the Australian continent, Shark Bay is renowned for its remarkable natural features. Home to the world’s largest and richest sea-grass beds, a thriving dugong population, and unique stromatolites, these elements combine to create a landscape that is both mesmerizing and deeply inspiring. This fine art photography print truly brings this extraordinary landscape to life, making it a perfect addition to any collection of photographs of landscapes.

Printing Materials

Experience the exceptional artistry of our Karl Monaghan Fine Art Paper Prints, meticulously created on 320 gsm 100% Cotton rag paper. Among our printing material selection, you’ll find the esteemed Canson Edition Etching Rag, a prestigious art paper with a rich legacy spanning centuries, crafted by the renowned Arches paper manufacturers. By utilizing top-tier materials, we ensure the true vibrancy and authenticity of colors captured in this photograph. Moreover, with a longevity rating surpassing a century, this Australian landscape photography piece will remain an enduring treasure that withstands the test of time.

For those seeking a more impactful presentation, we take pride in presenting Karl Monaghan Canvas Prints. These extraordinary photography artworks are expertly crafted on archival Ilford Cotton blend Galicia Canvas, enhanced by archival Epson Ultra Chrome Inks. With a longevity rating exceeding 100 years, even under standard lighting conditions, these expansive canvas prints effortlessly infuse any space with a touch of natural elegance. Prepare to captivate art enthusiasts and leave a lasting impression with these exceptional Australian Canvas Prints.

Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of Australia’s landscapes, as captured by one of the finest Australian landscape photographers. The majesty of the cliffs, the whisper of the sea-grass beds, and the allure of the bay’s azure waters are all captured in this beautiful landscape photography piece. As a piece of photographic wall art, “The Cliffs of Shark Bay” is more than just a visual treat; it’s a journey into Australia’s heart.

Available in the following sizes and formats;

Fine Art Paper Prints

  • S – 30cm on Longest edge
  • M – 40cm on the long edge
  • L – 60cm on Longest edge
  • XL – 100 cm on Longest Edge

Rectangle Canvas Prints

  • XS – 60cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap
  • S – 100cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap
  • M – 130cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap
  • L – 160cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap
  • XL – 200cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

Whether you’re a lover of fine art prints, an admirer of Australian photography, or a collector of beautiful landscape photography, “The Cliffs of Shark Bay” is a captivating addition to your collection. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Embark on a journey to the Australian coastline without leaving the comfort of your home. Order “The Cliffs of Shark Bay” today and bring a piece of the Australian wilderness into your living space.

If your print risks potential exposure to UV light, UV protection can be added at a standard rate of $50 regardless of size ordered. *Only applies to Canvas Print options.

Shipping and Handling

All Karl Monaghan Fine Art Prints come with a certificate of authenticity. All items will be shipped using Australia Post, in standard tubes up to a maximum of 110cm long. Freight will be a standard fee of $49.95 which includes packing and sending.

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