The Cutty Sark

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The Cutty Sark

 Karl Monaghan, an acclaimed international landscape photographer once again illustrates his dexterity in capturing the world’s marvels through his lens. This piece from his ‘London Collection’ simply titled “The Cutty Sark” is not just another piece of art photography but a journey back in time to London’s rich maritime history.

The Cutty Sark, an iconic name amongst ships, isn’t just a ship but a tale of British perseverance and ambition. Once known to rule the waves as one of the world’s fastest tea clippers, its transition from transporting tea to ferrying wool from Australia showcases the adaptability of British naval engineering. But with the opening of the Suez Canal, times changed, and the majestic vessel eventually found its resting place in dry dock in Greenwich during the 1950s.

For many, like Monaghan who spent his youth in London, walking around the ship’s massive hull was an integral part of growing up – a testament to the Cutty Sark’s intriguing naval history and Greenwich’s maritime legacy. The nocturnal glow cast upon it in this photographic wall art magnifies its grandeur, reminding us of its golden days.

 Printing Materials

 Experience the unparalleled artistry of our Karl Monaghan Fine Art Paper Prints, masterfully rendered on 320 gsm premium Cotton rag paper. Dive into the legacy of the Canson Edition Etching Rag, a renowned art paper with a rich lineage, crafted by the distinguished Arches paper creators. Our commitment to premium materials ensures that every nuance and shade in this photograph radiates with genuine depth. Moreover, with a longevity surpassing a century, this piece of Australian landscape photography is an enduring testament to excellence.

For those who seek a majestic display, we present the Karl Monaghan Canvas Prints. These captivating photographic gems are meticulously brought to life on the archival Ilford Cotton blend Galicia Canvas, and intensified with the archival Epson Ultra Chrome Inks. Built to last over a century, even under standard lighting, these expansive canvas prints effortlessly elevate any space with their natural elegance. Prepare to captivate art enthusiasts and leave an indelible impression with these distinctive Australian Canvas Prints.

 Available in the following sizes and formats;

Fine Art Paper Prints

XS – 30cm on longest edge

S – 42cm on Longest edge

M – 60cm on Longest edge

L – 80cm on Longest edge

XL – 100cm on Longest edge

Rectangle Canvas Prints

XS – 60cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

S – 90cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

M – 110cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

L – 120cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

XL – 140cm on the longest edge plus mirror wrap

If your print risks potential exposure to UV light, UV protection can be added at a standard rate of $50 regardless of size ordered. *Only applies to Canvas Print options.

 Serving as a beacon of naval innovation, the Cutty Sark is a testament to Britain’s prowess on the seas. Its significance grew with the development of Greenwich as a hub of time and space, playing a crucial role in astronomical and naval endeavors. Photos of London often capture the bustling city life, but Monaghan’s lens draws you into the serene beauty of a ship that has braved countless storms.

Be part of a legacy, own a piece of London’s maritime heritage that’s beautifully juxtaposed against its bustling urban present. With every look, you’ll not only appreciate its beautiful landscape photography but be transported to the docks, feeling the chill of the English night and hearing the whispers of sailors from eras past.

Shipping and Handling

All Karl Monaghan Fine Art Prints come with a certificate of authenticity. All items will be shipped using Australia Post, in standard tubes up to a maximum of 110cm long. Freight will be a standard fee of $49.95 which includes packing and sending.

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