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The Midwest region of Western Australia is home to Karl Monaghan and his family. This vast and stunningly beautiful area of the Western Australia boasts a diverse range of geographical landscapes and areas, including the vivid pink hues of Hutt Lagoon, the charming historic town of Greenough, and the rugged coastline of Cape Burney.

Karl Monaghan’s familiarity with the area and unique perspective have allowed him to capture the diversity of the Midwest, showcasing its natural beauty and industrial landscapes, as well as its thriving urban centers. Monaghan’s photographs offer a window into the rich and complex identity of the Midwest region.

Whether you’re a lover of nature, architecture, or industrial design, you’ll find something to inspire you in this collection of photographs.


Greenough Collection

Geraldton Collection

Chapman Valley Collection

Cape Burney Collection

Industrial/Altered Collection

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