Shark Bay collection

“Immerse yourself in the sublime vistas of the Shark Bay Collection, a part of Karl Monaghan’s fine art photography portfolio. This exquisite series is a tribute to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Shark Bay, situated over 800 km north of Perth in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. Known for its diverse marine life including Monkey Mia dolphins, turtles, dugongs, and sharks, the area is awash with vast seagrass meadows and stretches from Steep Point at the south side of Dirk Hartog Island to Cape Inscription at the north side. Through his lens, Karl Monaghan, a boundary-pusher of fine art photography, captures the intersection of the desert and sea, the delicate balance of nature, and the sheer vastness of the landscape.

Karl’s connection to the region runs deep, his images echoing his long-held fascination with the majestic landscapes of Western Australia. A self-taught pioneer, his photography spans from outback landscape photography in World Heritage Sites to aerial photography over coastal waters, and his body of work is expansive and diverse. His Shark Bay Collection encapsulates the essence of the area’s natural beauty, from the rich palettes of the marine park to the stark, rugged beauty of its surrounding landscapes. Through his work, Karl invites you to share in his enthusiasm and to explore the extraordinary beauty and vastness of Western Australia. His photographs aim to evoke an emotion, to remind us of the natural environment, and to inspire a sense of awe and wonder for our extraordinary world.”

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